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CLOSING PARTY: October 4, 6-8 PM @
Bordello Gallery. Organos 19. 152 0732
For Studio Visits, call: 152 2471

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Central Library (La Biblioteca) all of October
Mi Patio Hotel and Restaurant (Sollano 21) all of October

Surrealism / Symbolism Paintings

Symbolic and Automatist paintings in a style that was uniquely created by Andrew Osta. These paintings were unplanned, channeled, rather than created, and are distinguished by an organic quality and the possibility of multiple interpretations. CLICK FOR GALLERY

Spiritual Visionary Paintings

Spiritual paintings on Christian and general spiritual themes. Modern paintings of Jesus in Eastern Orthodox style. Paintings of dreams and visions. Paintings transmitting positive spiritual energy and protection. Paintings of Angels.  CLICK FOR GALLERY

Plein Air and Still Life Paintings

Painted in part or completely on location, typically small-sized acrylic on panel or oil on panel paintings. Landscapes of Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Xalapa (Mexico), Barcelona (Spain), Tuscany (Italy), Cote d’Azur (France) and other beautiful locations. Also large oil paintings of flowers can be found in this category.   CLICK FOR GALLERY

Whimsical & Fun Paintings

Paintings of cats and dogs, paintings of kids, paintings of horse, musicians, whimsical portraits, and other fun themes. Child-like work that has a touch of genius, instantly recognizable as having that “something”, yet still fresh, fun, colorful and whimsical.   CLICK FOR GALLERY

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