During 2009-2010, Andrew took a break from painting and focused his energies on writing and songwriting. Most of the tracks from the Dimension Dream CD were written during this time, but the biggest project of the year was the Shamans and Healers book.

Shamans and Healers is a very personal non-fiction first-hand account of an amazing and dangerous journey into the heart of Peru, compiled from Andrew’s many travel journals. Written with honesty, wisdom, humor and plainspoken boldness, the book discloses firsthand experiences with the healers of Peru and Mexico. It is a wild journey into a world where nothing is as it seems and the truth is stranger than fiction.

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The e-book version can be purchased by sending a donation (suggested amount $10) to andrew@spreadlove.ca via paypal. Or donate $20 for the paperback, shipped free to any Canadian or US address. For international orders, the shipping is $6 extra.


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