Ninfa in 3 Colors - 20x25 cm
"Artist's Wife" - 18x24 cm
"Grandfather" - 15x20 cm
Self with Nin #2 - 30x40 cm
Nina in Mexico, 12x25 cm
Contemplative Mood , 25x30 cm
"Model for Marion", 30x40 cm
Ninfa with Full Moon, 80x90 cm
Artist Drinking, 15x20 cm
Self as a Mexican, 20x25 cm
Self on Red, 10x15 cm
I Was Blind, 40x40 cm
Self with Guitar, 15x20 cm
Self Portrait with Guitar, 36x52 inches
Jony, 20x25 cm
Self Portrait as Russian, 15x20 cm
Self Portrait with Lucy, 60x90 cm
Sunbather,- 20x25 cm
Blue Self, 15x20 cm
Novia, 15x20 cm
Nude in Shower -$400
"This is not Goodbye", 35x60 inches