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We recently purchased a house in San Miguel. When we returned to Tucson, I was googling San Miguel art and found Andrew’s work on a Fine Art website. I fell in love with it, and we purchased two pieces without seeing them. We just returned from visiting at Thanksgiving, and we were able to finally see the art. It is even more beautiful in person, and we ended up buying another two pieces as Andrew’s work really speaks to our hearts. Andrew came over and hung the work for us. I have a feeling that there may be more Osta art in our future.

Cathy and Alan B.

We’ve owned “The Dreamer” for a few years, and it continues to inspire us. Every close look reveals an image that symbolizes a dream world related to the possible. Thank you, Andrew!

Mary and Peter J.

There’s a rising star on San Miguel de Allende’s busy artistic scene. ‚ÄčThe painter’s signature name is Andrew Osta, an extremely talented, prolific artist whose works are increasing in popularity and value. He’s a young, personable, emerging artist who has worked alongside other notable Canadian painters including Toller Cranston and Marion Perlet. Highly creative, sensitive, professional, and helpful in tastefully displaying his work, it is a pleasure to know him. We love the painting we purchased from him and recommend that others support, encourage and invest in Andrew Osta’s artistic endeavors.

John and Anne D.'s PhotoJohn and Anne D.

I am very thrilled with your painting. I hung it in the living room and it fits very nicely with my house.

Toller Cranston

To me, some of your work is no less than a Picasso.

Phil R.

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